Our Simple Process

Visit the showroom - and browse around, in your own time...

If you like what you see arrange for a home survey - where we will call out to offer you advice on the right design to suit the style of your property, the size of your room etc., and to see what is possible constructionally, (flue etc). The survey is free of charge and you are under no obligation to buy anything. We do not bring along order forms. You will then....

Receive a quite thought the post - of which you can study in your own time, to allow us to show you what we have recommended. We would then suggest you....

Re-visit the showroom - where you can ask any questions and have as much time as you need to run through the finer details of your quote, ie, sizes, colours, material etc.
If you decide to order...

Your fireplace will be made - by one of the reputable manufactures we deal with or OURSELVES! Many of our fireplaces are designed and made by ourselves. This means the fireplace is made the correct size to suit your room and in the correct style and colour to suit you. (You can even choose the exact piece of material your fireplace would be made in). This is all to ensure customer satisfaction.
We will then arrange for the...

Installation of your fireplace and fire - our skilled fitting team, led by a family member will remove your existing fireplace and install your new fireplace and fire - usually all within 1 day! Then all that is left to do is to enjoy your purchase, the new focal point of your home for years to come!

5 Key Points

  • Visit the showroom
  • Book a survery - Free of charge
  • Receive a quote in the post
  • Re-visit the showroom
  • Your fireplace will be made

Visit showroom

Browse around

Arrange Survey

Receive a Quote

..through the post

Re-visit showroom

Choose material





Loaded up